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Tambopata Tours

Far from Puerto Maldonado, deep in the Peruvian amazon. Tours to the upper amazon to observe the rainforest wildlife, Tambopata offers more chances to see wildlife than any other tour.

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Puerto Maldonado tours

Low cost and short tours near city or Just stay in your hammok in the eco lodge, reading, taking a massage or enyoing the bar

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Sandoval lake Tours

These amazon tours take you to , the famous Sandoval lake, known for its pristine beauty, wildlife, Sandoval is the main attraction of Puerto Maldonado

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Adventure tours

If you search for a dose of adrenaline in your amazon trip, these tours are ideal for you. Join one of our amazon adventure tours and enjoy adventure activities such as kayak, canoeing, zip-line, wild trekking, boat excursion, searching for caymans and more.

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Ayahuasca healing retreats

Ayahuasca ceremonies are millieanary in the Peruvian amazon and have being used for the amazonian natives to contact the spirits of the amazon for healing and helping their communities. Heal your mind and body.

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Volunteering in the amazon

Travel to the amazon as a Volunteer to help us and live an amazing experience. Be in contact with wildlife, be part of our conservation projects and learn about the rainforest in a totally diferent way.

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