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ayahuasca retreat" Healing Diet 1 day"

Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 Day and 1 Night

A ceremony of Ayahuasca accompanied by a ritual and ancestral songs of healing in contact with healing energies, carried out in the center of Cachuela, which offers us the best natural conditions to harmonize its internal nature with the nature that surrounds it. Rivers, forests, lakes and the great rock of the Cachuela, make this place the ideal to carry out this ritual and mystical experience.

Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 Day


In the middle of the afternoon transfer from Shaman’s place (Jirón Arequipa No 1 to the maloca in Cachuela Center (12 km).
Short ethno-botanical walk, and/or canoe ride to prepare the spirit.

Rest and relaxation.

Around 5 pm the start of the Ayahuasca ceremony.

End of the ceremony around 1 pm am, sleep in the same maloca
At sunrise or before transportation goes to pick you up, you can walk to the see the river landscape or fishing piranhas
Transfer to Puerto Maldonado

Breakfast with special diet at the Shaman’s Bar, brainstorming with the Shaman and facilitators.

Tthe rest of the morning you can stay at pool of Puerto Maldonado Lodge refreeshing yourself. End of our services

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