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" Ayahusca Healing Retreats "

In keeping with our interest to promote the awareness on nutrition to improve our lives, as well as the conservation of our natural resources, since 1997 we have been using several healing plants of the Tambopata amazon rainforest, specifically designed for detox and body & spirit cleansing.

These programs range from 6 to 21 days as retreats, combining workshops to develope a better comprehension of our own nature and aquiring more knowledge on the amazon rainforest's medical plants. Depending on your purpose, the shaman will prepare a special diet using traditional medicine and master plants as ayahuasca, chacruna, bobinsana and others. Reconnecting with the people and things in life that really matter will allow your body, soul and mind to soar far higher than another peek at your computer or cellphone. Sounds interesting? Willing to give it a whirl? Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning? Are you hunched over your laptop after work? Glued to the Ipad during your commute? You might be a good candidate for a digital detox.

Each healing retreat is comprised of a set of activities that cover different aspects of our nature: nutrition ( human adaptations and field walks for the study of medical plants, advised by healers and field guides), cultural history (including visits to local colonists and native communities to learn how they have adapted to live in the amazon rainforest), and economic history. (studying the principal products extracted from the region such as cacao bananas local plantation and Brazilian nuts)

Each group of healing diet is divided into teams of 5 or 6, to participate in each activity. This will provide for a better experience and increase the efficiency of communication with the instructor and safety during field activities and the whole healing procees . Healing retreats in the Amazon are taught by a team of professional guides and specialized naturist . Each naturist or instructor has several years of experience teaching people how to live better, starting by food and meditation.

The benefit of these workshops is that they are very natural, simple each based on a special theme. They can be held at several levels and be adapted to cover different aspects of our soul and body.

The participant will benefit from direct hands-on experience with the natural and cultural environment of this amazon region .

With these retreats and workshops, WASAI is developing a type of local grass-roots organization for the awareness of our soul and about the conservation of areas we visit and work in. We hope to stimulate similar interest in other regions.

Security: Each retreat is planned to provide a secure environment with comfortable conditions for the well-being of the participants. Some activities involve a certain level of phisical demand, such as long walks through the forest and kayaking, while others involve only short walks around the lodge or sitting in a boat. In case of extreme emergencies, the city of Puerto Maldonado is close by, providing hospitals with all the medical attention for any case, something that hasn't been necessary in all our years of service.

Our instructors are specialists in the Amazonian field of work and they have the required training to respond in any emergency during activities. Furthermore, all of our teams carry the recommended emergency equipment.

Rates : Healing Retreats and nutritional programs are very important to us and we would like to encourage the use of our facilities for such purposes by keeping our rates as low as possible. A regular retreat costs approximately US $130 per person for a 6 day program; including or not including Ayahuasca tea.

AYAHUASCA ceremony Peru- Puerto Maldonado one day one night

130$ Ayahuasca Ceremony

Our simplest package is a one day experience where you will be part of an Ayahuasca session

AYAHUASCA retreat Peru - Puerto Maldonado 3 days

196 - 280 $ Diet and Treatment

Besides the Ayahuasca ceremony, you will enjoy some nature related activities in the surrounding areas, learning about medicinal plants with a shaman and a bilingual facilitator

AYAHUASCA retreat-Tambopata-Peru 5 days

430$ Diet and Treatment

This program includes two ayahuasca sessions, a healing session, trekking through the forest’s trails, relaxation, possible encounters with amazonian wildlife and amazing flora.

Meals and diet according to the shaman.

The fullest spiritual experience in the rainforest includes 3 ceremonies of ayahuasca on the 2nd, 4th and 6th day
Meals according to diet
Accommodation, Meditation in the dodecahedron and maloca structres.
Master talks
Personalized talks with the group and walks through the forest with teachings on the plants

AYAHUASCA healing retreat -Tambopata-Peru 8 days

950$ Diet and Treatment

Discover for yourself the powers of this traditional medicine in a responsible way, guided by teachers and facilitators with specialized knowledge and skills, backed by an organization with knowledge, experience and conviction in what it does. We are concerned about providing organic food for the monitoring of diets, transfers, infrastructure and above all much love and respect for human nature and for all what surrounds us.

Please contact our nutritional or healing Affairs Advisor for longer diets and special rates wasai@wasai.com