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  • Puerto Maldonado Hotel,Eco Lodge and Hostel

    amazon lodge peru

    Puerto Maldonado Lodge, a wildlife refuge within the city

    Our Hotel in Puerto Maldonado has a privileged location. From you can go to Sandoval Lake and other amazon attractions. The hotel is the starting point for many tours to the amazon

  • Tambopata Eco Lodge and Venado Station

    Tambopata Amazon  Lodge Peru

    The tambopata Lodge is a destination in its own right.

    Amazon style, rustic but confortable. The main attactions in this lodge are the Macaw Clay lick, Venado Station, landscape, the exellent quality of conservation of the forest ....

  • Alto Tambopata Lodge and WildLife Center

    jungle lodge Peru

    Alto Tambopata offers more chances to see amazon wildlife

    Alto Tambopata Lodge and Tambopata Wildlife center are located beside to Tambopata National Reserve and National Park. Amazing views of the amazon rainforest and peruvian andes ...

  • Peru Volunteering

    peru volunteer amazon

    Volunteering in the amazon

    If you have ten days or more to spare you could take part in our volunteer programme, which offers a special daily rate in exchange for volunteer work. Travel to the amazon as a Volunteer to help us and live an amazing experience. Be in contact with wildlife, be part of our conservation projects, learn about the rainforest...

  • Educational tours

    educational tours amazonia

    Educational Tours - Peru

    In Keeping with our interest to promote the amazon conservation, since 1997 we have several educational programs specifically designed for high school students, university students, and any group of interested people. These programs are designed as workshops, to develop a better comprehension of the amazon rainforest environment, with the aim to stimulate awareness memorable travel experience.

  • Fishing tours

    fishing in the Amazon

    Fishing piranhas for fun or profesional sport fishing

    A number of species in the River Tambopata and nearby lakes offer excellent sport fishing, such as the payara called "chambira" and large catfish (over 100 kgs). Other interesting species can also be fished such as piranha, electric eel and stingray. The surrounding scenery is verdant and full of wildlife. The type of fishing varies depending on the season ....

  • The Amazon Rainforest

    Amazon rainforest

    The amazon rainforest is a natural wonder .

    The Amazon rainforests of south eastern Peru is home of one of the world's highest biodiversity concentrations and has a spectacular array of flora and fauna species.
    This natural diversity is possible due to the location of the rainforest which is in the Joint of the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon basin, where different forest types exist...

  • Pristine Sandoval Lake

    Sandoval Lake

    Sandoval Lake is considered the most beatiful lake in the amazon.

    Sandoval Lake is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Despite the fact that it is close to Puerto Maldonado, it is in the Tambopata National Reserve and the adyacent Bahuaja Sonene National Park. Which makes it an excellent rainforest and wildlife experience.......

  • Macaw's Clay Lick in Tambopata

    amazon tours tambopata

    The macaws clay liks one of the higlights in Tambopata,

    Here every morning it is posible to observe one of the greatest wildlife spectacles where hundreds of parrots and different species of macaws gather to eat clay, an unforgettable experience. This can be one of the greatest experience in your amazon trip, discover one of the hotspot of biodiversity in the world where in adition to the macaws it is easy to see other amazon wildlife. Travel to the amazon to discover why Tambopata is famous for.

    • Ayahuasca Retreats


      For the natives, Ayahuasca is a gift from the gods .

      The peruvian Amazon hide one of the most important rituals on world. Ayahuasca rituals are millieanary and have being used for the amazonian natives to contact the spirits of the amazon for healing and helping their communities. Ayahuasca and chacruna leaves are boiled together to prepare the "tea" for ceremonies....

    • Healing programs Diets

      healing diets

      Healing Retriet, diets with master plants .

      The amazon rainforest still keeps its secrets. Medical plants will be part of your daily diet, including fresch organic meals according to your personal necesities. Our staff members will attend you in your daily activities wich include contemplation, massages, and treks through the forest .......

    • Agricultural Permaculture


      The permaculture.

      Sistem includes different techniques to produce organic products from our plantation of cacao, farmfish, vegetables, brasilian nuts , honey, palms etc . Venado station has its oun energy Power plant from a hydroweel . Centro Cachuela is another place were we manage organic plantation The permaculture programs also works with ecotourism and volunteers .....